• Getting Good

    I know, I have been more MIA than ever in the last couple of months. I've barely even been on social media compared to what I usually am, fo

  • If I'm Being Honest...

    If I'm being honest, these last few months have hit pretty heavy for me in the depression department. Probably harder than they ever have. T

  • Story Time: Carter's Birth

    Today is my sweet Carter's FOURTH birthday! I can hardly believe it. It will be the first birthday not spent with him as he is with his Dad

  • The Polar Express

    Ah, I am so proud of myself for getting this vlog together and up. I know it's late and not as relevant now that Christmas has already passe

  • Tired Eyes

    New single, Tired Eyes, from blogger, Kimberly Anne, now available. A beautiful song about the reality of entering into single motherhood.

  • It's Almost May...

    Can anyone else believe it's already almost May?! I seriously cannot. I don't think I'll ever get over how quickly time continues.

  • Carter James

    The birth story of Carter James via emergency C-Section born at 34 weeks after placental abruption in blogger Kimberly Anne.

  • Everett Edwin

    Birth story of blogger, Kimberly Anne's firstborn, Everett. She went into the hospital dilated to a nine having no clue she was in labor.


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