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Hey, hey! It's been a minute! ...or two. Now before we get into anything else, let's just address the elephant on the page... ANOTHER new blog by Kim. I know, I know. I have no grand explanation for you, it's simply that life has changed so much in the last six months that I felt a change in how I blog was due too.

Okay, so now that that's out of the way, into the updates! So much has happened, so many hard, unexpected, fun, crazy, but beautiful things have happened in my life in the last year. I don't think I'll ever be able to explain or share everything with you all, as much as I want to. But believe me when I say the overwhelming feeling I have been experiencing when I think about my life and all that has emerged is GRATITUDE.

Gratitude for the tender mercies I've been shown in some of my darkest moments. Gratitude for the smiling faces of two adorable boys. Gratitude for all of the new friendships. Gratitude for the old friendships and the continuous support that flows from them. Gratitude for my parents and their constant support and care for my boys and I. Gratitude for my family, my best friends, and the fun and joy they have infused into my life. Gratitude for President Nelson and all that he has been inspired to teach us. Gratitude for the beauty of this place that I live, that I get to wake up every day to the most gorgeous views and take them in as I go for my morning drives. GRATITUDE. Pure gratitude. I don't think I've ever felt it so strong in my life, but I really do. The list could go on and on and on, but what I feel most, is gratitude for my Savior. His healing power is REAL. So real! And I will be forever grateful for that.

Okay, so I was not intending on taking that detour of gratitude, but I am just so overwhelmed with it, I had to share. But NOW... onto the updates!

So, first thing is first, if you don't already know, I will just confirm any suspicions, I did recently get divorced. The process began in September and was finalized in December. The boys and I are doing well and we've gotten into the swing of things with their Dad which has been really nice.

When the boys and I moved in with my parents in September it was into their rental. They have been working on their house, (the house I went to high school in), tirelessly for the last two years renovating, (ie. rebuilding). We were all super excited when we were finally able to move in, in December... even if it was only like four days before Christmas. The house is currently really close to being completed but has been a bit of a construction zone since moving in. But hey, I can't complain much, I'm just super glad to be in! It's really nice because the boys and I have our own little apartment within the house. It's super fun to be with my parents and with family, but it's also very nice to have our own little space - and we love it! The hope is that at some point here, I'll do a blog post on our place.

Carter began going to a local Montessori school shortly after we made the move. Then, about a month in, I felt really strong like Everett needed to be at the Montessori school as well. So we made the switch! They both have loved it and it's seriously the cutest little school I have ever seen with the coziest environment! Carter has been growing and talking so much, it's so fun to watch. And Everett is just super smart and loves to take everything in. It's so fun to be their Mom and watch them learn and develop so quickly.

Well, I think that is it in terms of any "major" updates. Of course so many other things have changed along with everything else, but all good things.

After going through all these changes lately, and reflecting on the changes I've experienced in the past, I've learned that life is so unexpected. You never know what's going to come your way, and often times it isn't what envisioned for ourselves. But I've found if you look close enough and pay enough attention, you'll find that's what makes life so utterly beautiful. It certainly has for me.

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