Bridle Up Hope Adventure Dress

This last week, the non-profit I get to work for, Bridle Up Hope, launched the Bridle Up Hope Adventure Dress with Adventure Dress by ACANELA Expeditions on Yelloow Beauty's platform. I have been wanting to share it with you guys and tell you a bit more about it because, 1. it's beautiful and 2. the cause is even more beautiful.

If you haven't heard of the Adventure Dress before, you need to go check it out. Kylie, from ACANELA, created this dress having empowering women in mind. "One Dress purchased, means one female artisan supported for an entire day with a sustainable, creative, and high quality job." I think it's brilliant! This dress was designed to travel in, and is perfect for so many occasions!

bridle up hope adventure travel dress

I've talked about Bridle Up Hope on here a bit, but in case you need a refresher... Bridle Up Hope | The Rachel Covey Foundation is a non-profit organization here in Utah with the mission to help girls and women in overcoming challenging circumstances and inspiring hope, confidence, and resilience while incorporating horses.

Now for Yelloow. Yelloow Beauty has the most amazing false eyelashes, adhesives, and hair extensions. Their platform allows anybody to sign up to sell these items and recieve a commission. They are hosting the Bridle Up Hope Adventure Dress on their platform which allows YOU or anyone else to sign up and share this gorgeous dress and it's cause with others.

A portion of the proceeds from each dress sale goes to Bridle Up Hope's foundation - in support of girls experiencing difficult circumstances by providing them the life changing and transformational program at Bridle Up Hope. Because each dress is handmade, you are also providing women in Indonesia with meaningful jobs.

You guys. This is the most incredible collaboration. It's a dress made by women, for women, to help women! Go check it out and I even have a 10% discount code for you all:


bridle up hope adventure travel dress

You're going to want to grab one while they're available. They are so beautiful and unique and on top of it, one dress supports so many great things. You can also sign up to be an ambassador which will help you to earn a little extra during these tough times.

I know this involves my job, and I know this could come across very "salesy", but I truly do believe in this cause. I feel so blessed to be able to do something with so much meaning every single day. The times I go into the barn to work I am so grateful to be in a place and in awe of the peaceful spirit that resides there. I haven't heard anyone who walks in there for the first time not comment on the incredible feeling they get.

bridle up hope adventure travel dress

Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know I will never share anything I don't personally love or believe in, and it's typically because I love and believe in the things I share so strongly that I am sharing them.


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